Square Scrub EBG Series

The EBG-28 provides maximum strength and efficiency. The 14×28 base allows users to screen gym floors up to 10,000 sq ft/hour with a 120 grit sandscreen and is capable of prepping waxed VCT surfaces up to 3,600 sq ft/hour with our SQP pad. Combined with a variety of surface preparation tools, the EBG-28 is the perfect partner for any job.

The EBG-20/C offers the best of both worlds – Powerful yet compact – it really packs a punch! The 14×20 base allows it to fit most any space while the powerful 3450 rpmmotor can tackle any project.

The Ultra Quiet EBG-2/Q is perfect for hospitals, businesses, nursing homes and schools. The still powerful, yet quiet 62db motor maintains a quiet work environment while getting the job done.

This video features the EBG series machines in several different uses. Versatility is displayed, including using Square Scrub’s wet or dry. The brief video could change your expectations of your floor machine. Do you Square Scrub?

Posted by: admin on July 13, 2012
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